apothecary match bottle with blue match tips

Apothecary Match Bottle - Blue Match Tip

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You don't need to hide these matches away. They're the perfect addition to any of our candles as a delightful gift or as a decoration in your own home (we won't tell them you kept the matches for yourself)!

This chic recycled glass bottle comes with a cork and approximately 60 matches. Matches are simple to light with our strike-on bottle design at the bottom of the jar! Don't forget you can reuse this beautiful apothecary bottle when the matches are gone. 



• Bottle Height: 3.7" / Width: 1.8"
• Approx 60 Matches inside, 1 3/4" tall
• 3 oz. recycled glass bottle w/cork top
• Reuse the bottle when the matches are gone


Keep away from children and pets.  Always close bottle first before striking match.